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Astrology and Zodiac Compatibility
Readers who utilize the study of astrology to understand how the alignment of planets impact us in our everyday life.

Clairvoyants, Clairaudients and Clairsentients
These various forms of readers are able to channel guidance intuitively, auditorily, or through their body.

Intuitive Guidance
Readers who utilize their highly developed intuition to share information that will help guide you.

Psychic Readers
Readers who are clear enough to receive subtle information which most people are unable to access.

Spiritual Guidance and Healing
Spirit guide readers can help pass along healing information that you may have difficulty receiving directly.

Tarot and Divination Readers
Readers who utilize tarot cards and other methods to interpret guidance through divination.

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Astrology Reports
Crystal Ball Readers

Dream Interpretations
Fortune Tellers
I Ching

Past Life Readings
Pet Psychics

Rune Casting
Spirit Guides
Tarot Card Readers
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